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Monday, 14 March 2011

Wooooo 21 today!

Well after a quiet couple of weeks with the diet it's kicked off again this week, 4lbs down which makes for a total loss of 21lbs :-D

Not sure what I've done differently really but I am feeling a lot more energetic these days and clothes are fitting which haven't for a year or so so I'm really pleased and raring to go with losing more.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to not do more right now but I know from past times that when I've tried to do too much I've ended up hurting myself and being laid up for a while really demotivates me so I know I have to be good and just plod along. Hopefully by the summer I'll have lost enough and have become strong enough with what I am doing that I can add in some more regular exercise to my days but on a good note, the house is nice and shiny, well, housework is a great way of getting rid of excess energy and since it has to be done anyway, doing a good job with products that need a bit of elbow grease kills two birds with one stone :-)

And in Pokemon news, I won my 5th Gym badge this morning, I'm playing on the White version and I'm not rushing through it, I'm playing at a steady pace and enjoying it, my team are all lever 35 or above right now and seem to be working well together but I think I'll need to add a water pokemon in soon, really feels odd not having one but it's been working for me and especially with not being able to fish yet! Oh well, I'd better keep going, I have a feeling I should be getting the Black one in 2 weeks time ;-)

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  1. YEY Congrats on the weight loss Kim, that's fab and whatever it is you're doing, it's obviously working! Blimey, been a long time since I heard anything about Pokemon...ahhhh, the memories lol Well done on your Gym badge ;) xx