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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Most of us love to snack but the majority of snacks are our waistlines worst nightmare.

Some that claim to be healthy are just low fat and loaded with sugar instead. Others which are healthy are tasteless and mostly textureless but there is a middle ground which some products fill quite nicely.

There are the Slimfast and Weightwatchers snacks which are really nice and most are under 100Kcal which fit nicely into the diet I'm doing which allows for 3 100Kcal snacks a day, but there are also a lot of other foods that can be snacked upon which fit into this sub 100Kcal category.

Most of the cereal bars fall into this category as well and some, like the Sainsbury's White chocolate and strawberry are really delicious and inexpensive. Many yoghurts also fit this area too and if you really want low cal, make a jelly (sugar free ofcourse!lol) and perhaps top it with a sugar free whip to make it feel like a trifle!

But then there comes a time when you just fancy something simple and easy and that's where I fell back to today, one of my favourite things to snack on when I was growing up..
a Golden Delicious apple :-D

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