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Monday, 14 March 2011

Palmolive Thermal Fresh

I received this shower gel last week to test out and I figured I'd add my thoughts about it here as well for my blog readers as well. I took 2 pics to see which I liked best then couldn't decide as the one with flash shows the label better but the other one shows the colour more true to how it is so anyway, here's what it looks like:
The first this I noticed about this was the almost total lack of scent, there is a hint of something there but it is so faint and delicate that I found it impossible to explain what it is and this to me is a huge downfall already as I love scents and when in the shower I want to be enrobed by a wall of them and enjoy each and every one as I work my way through the products I use. I love having scents layered on me starting at the point of getting clean and fresh,

The scent aside, I found this to be a very good shower gel, it is a little runny but used on my puff it was fine and produced an amazing amount of the softest bubbly foam I have had from a gel in a long time. It was a very rich foam, almost whipped in texture and felt very moisturising on the skin. After rinsing my skin felt soft and just right, some of these mineral shower gels have left my skin feeling tight in the past but this one didn't have that affect, it just left my skin feeling good.

So all in all, I don't think I would buy this variety again as the scent issue is a big one for me but I will be looking at the rest of the range and especially the Aroma Therapy varieties to see if I can find a good match for my preferences there :-)

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  1. Looking at this on the shelf may have tempted me to buy, but I gotta say that the lack of smell would also put me off! It's the smell of the products I use that help determine my mood so more is better for me! Sounds like it lathers up well though which has to be a bonus.
    Great review and if you try any of the others, let me know if they're nice and scenty! lol ;)