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Thursday, 17 March 2011

WooHoo .......... Bingo that is ;-)

Yes I'm one of those women who enjoy a good game of Bingo but over the years I have tried to keep my habit firmly under control as I have very, very little luck with this game, my love is very definitely unrequited!

Now I've found a great way to feed my love for the game without breaking my bank and it's all thanks to WooHoo Bingo (http://www.woohoobingo.com) It's a free bingo site which also has prizes, you play with points that get topped up each day and you can earn more points by participating in a variety of challenges around the site and also on Facebook.

The CM's are great, very helpful and run chat games very often for points which you can either take yourself or donate to someone else who might be running low at that time. Quite often the players do donate, it's a very friendly easy going place to hang around if you have some spare time or just enjoy the feeling of online bingo but maybe like me just aren't one of the lucky ones who either win enough to be able to pay for it or can afford to pay for it anyway.

Alongside winning more points on a lot of the games you can also win stars, Bronze, Silver and Gold ones. You can trade up Bronze for Silver and Silver for Gold once you have enough and these in turn can be traded back for more points to play with or if you're very patient and let them build up there are also vouchers, subscriptions and hampers on offer right now.
The above image shows so much easier how the whole system works on there just have lots of fun, I am and I can see a lot of my friends are starting to as well since it was mentioned earlier today, it's really good to see some friendly faces in the rooms although the people in there are really friendly anyway.

So what are you waiting for, get over to http://www.woohoobingo.com now, it's free to register and you could be playing (and winning) in a few minutes time instead of still being sat there thinking about it ;-)

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