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Monday, 21 March 2011

Another Week.......

.....Another diet update!

Well, I've been on the Slimfast 1,2,3 plan for 10 weeks now and everything still feels like it's going well for me, I cant see any difference looking in a mirror but can feel it in some of my clothes. I've lost a total of 25lbs which works out at 2 and a half a week which I'm really happy about, yes, I'd love to lose more and get down to my target quicker but I've done that in the past and I've always ended up putting it all (and more) right back on again. This time I want it to stick and that's part of why I'm enjoying this diet plan I think.

I get to have 2 milkshakes and 3 snacks each day alongside a main meal. I know some people worry that it wont be filling but it is, or it is to me and the snacks you can have aren't restricted to being their own ones like you are with the shakes, you can have any snack up to 100 Kcal and some, like fresh fruit would be quite a lot of snack to fill that number of calories!

......and now for something completely different!

 This week I read on Splodz Blogz about the moon being the closest it's been to us for a while (here) so I took my coolpix up to Dave's telescope (hopefully one day he will find the D ring for the DSLR again!lol) and snapped this pic :-)

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  1. Wow that pic is amazing Kim, so much better than mine... must get me a telescope ha ha!