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Saturday, 23 March 2013

My First: ERCP

As most of you know this week I was in hospital to have an ERCP done to remove some gallstones which had left my gallbladder and become stuck in my bile duct. I was a little concerned when I went in as even with all the research I'd done about this procedure, I still wasn't exactly sure what would happen to me.

After getting my bed, having my vitals checked and being decked out in a gown it really wasn't very long till I was being wheeled down to radiography to have it done. I was first amazed at how much equipment they used, the little X-ray room was soon filled with trolleys carrying lots of different equipment alongside quite a few members of staff to monitor me as well as use everything! I also had 2 medical students in there as well, they have to learn somehow and I knew I'd be kind of unconscious so I didn't mind!lol

Once I was settled I was fed a cocktail of drugs and didn't feel a thing for ages but I came to a little early and they were still removing the stones (there seemed to be loads of them!) which was a little uncomfortable but the nurse was reassuring me as it wasn't much more they had to do. She was right too, before long I could feel the snaky thing coming back up and I was so glad I had a numb throat and mouth, it's a very odd feeling!lol

I was taken back to the ward and told not to eat or drink for 4 hours as they'd had to make a small cut since it was my first ERCP and they were checking me every 15 mins to make sure nothing had gone wrong. It was here I started to notice a real difference in me, since I've been attending hospital this year, my blood pressure has been incredibly high (the top number over 200 and the bottom over 120 each time and going much higher) which has been worrying to everyone who has seen me. Well, the first time they took my readings it was already lower than it has been all year and after 2 hours it was down to around 145/85 and stayed around there until I was released the next morning (I was on the afternoon list so had to stay overnight)

Now a could of days on, I've noticed so many other changes in me as well, I have more energy, I'm eating properly and I feel happy. It does make me wonder just what damage those stones were doing to me for all this to have changed in such a short time. There can be complications after having this done but thankfully, I don't seem to have any symptoms so I'm not worried about having to have it done again after I have my gallbladder removed. I only have to have it done again as they put a stent in to my bile duct to try to prevent this from happening again while I wait to have the operation done, so that will be much quicker and now I just have to wait for the next letter from the hospital but having this done will make the wait much easier no matter how long (or short) it is.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My First: Percy Pig Easter Egg!

Now I'm sure most of you can remember how disappointed I (and a few of you too) were last year when these all sold out very quickly and we were left pig-less at Easter! Well, thank you very much to M&S, they have them back this year and when we went there last night there were loads of them in stock, and since it's only 2 weeks till Easter I managed to persuade Dave to buy me one.
I know I wont be able to eat much of it but I'll be able to eat a little if I can bear to break him (he is very cute!lol)

I haven't actually seen any advertising for these yet (am I not looking or have I just missed it all?lol) but after what happened last year, if you want one too, go get one quick, they have a nice long shelf life so they will last and they are on 3 for 2 at £6 each right now too!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My First: Burned iron :-(

I'm the sort of person who actually enjoys ironing, I find it relaxing (I know many of you don't and no, I wont do yours for you, I have enough of my own to do thanks!lol) but today I had a major problem with my ironing. Part of the way through ironing a delicate shirt I must have nudged the heat dial higher as when I checked after, it was set a lot higher than I had when I started so yep, it melted it and I ended up with a yukky black smudge across the plate and a huge hole in the shirt (kinda lucky it was one of Dave's really, he has loads!lol)

After doing some googling I found some products I could get to help (my iron has a non stick plate so I cant use the wire wool option!lol) but someone suggested while the iron was still hot, apply a damp very cold sponge carefully to the smudge suggesting that it would peel off. I figured it would have to be worth a go, it couldn't make things worse anyway so I turned the iron back on to heat the plate back up, ran a sponge under the cold tap till it was nice and cold and tried it. I couldn't see any difference to be honest so I turned it off again and gave up.

A while later I went up to put the iron away and thought the smudge looked a bit different so I nudged it with the tip of my finger and sure enough it moved! I carefully peeled it back and almost all of it peeled off in one piece! I simply used a rough towel and buffed the plate to remove the remaining particles and YAY my iron's back to normal again. I just had to share my mishap incase it happens to any of you too since the solution to it is so easy (and free!)