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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nom nom nom!

Some days I really wish I didn't love to cook! I'm being assaulted by smells from the kitchen and even though it doesn't look that good right now
 I know it will be when it finishes cooking but it keeps tempting me to go and have a nibble .... I have to resist as it's not even finished yet, all that's in there are the mushrooms, leeks, chicken, tin of tomatoes and the spices, still needs peas, tomato puree and either potatoes or rice but they go in later once all this lot have shared their flavours around!lol

I actually really love this dish, it's so simple and uses nearly all of my favourite veggies and I can adapt the spicing of it to suit what mood I'm in, today's has got a curry feel to it with loads of chili as well to make it a little bit hotter (good for clearing the sinuses!lol) I just wish it didn't smell so yummy so long before it's finished cooking!

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