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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

One Down

Well that was a busy few days wasn't it!lol I took the weekend offline as much as possible to spend it with Dave since it was Valentines Day on Monday and had a really lovely time with him, hopefully he did with me too ;-)

Dave's sister gave me a link last week to a website (http://www.fitday.com/) to track my weight loss for me, I've started using it now and find seeing the graph slowly working it's way down (yes, I backtracked and put my old weights in too) is good motivation to keep going!

Anyway, I know this is 2 days late but on my weigh in on Monday morning I found I've now lost a stone since I started on this Slimfast diet, I'm so impressed and keen to keep going with it, I'm really not finding this diet a struggle at all, I guess it's all the snacking that allowed with it really and it's fun cooking properly again, luckily Dave enjoys the things I can cook :-D

So that's one down ........ and I'm not saying how many more to go!lol

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