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Monday, 7 February 2011


Like most of you I'm on a diet now, I started in the second week of January as I wanted to make sure as many temptations (Christmas snacks) were out of the way as possible when I began.
I decided to try the Slimfast system again, I'd done it many years ago and had had a little success with it and I am again so far and I'm really pleased, clothes are starting to fit better and I've hauled out the next size down from the airing cupboard as an incentive to get into them quicker.

So far, I've been on slimfast 4 weeks and have lost a total of 10lbs but I know I have many more left to go but as an added incentive, here's my before picture, this was actually taken on a very enjoyable evening last month when I finally got to meet up with some friends I'd met through MSE and Twitter
Yep, that's me in the red on the left, hopefully not for much longer though :-D

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