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Sunday, 29 May 2011

YAY - I'm Back

After a lot of faffing about this week I found out that something had gone wrong with blogger and I haven't been able to get in here and share all my news ...... and now I'll have to have a think and try to remember what it all was!

I know one thing was I've passed the 30lb level on my weight loss which is good and also we were on TV ...... well, we know we were but it's doubtful that anyone else would have known it was us
See what I mean!lol But we did have a good time and I came home with a cuddly red Welsh dragon which is very cute and I got Michael Vaughan to sign my program when we saw him walking around in the dry bit. The last memento of the day started to show itself in both of us last night, all the rain and wind has given us both nice colds so there goes all our plans for this weekend as we don't want to share this particular reminder! flu

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