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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Would you be proud of me?

Dear Dad,

It's been 25 years today since I last saw you, I often wonder if you'd be proud of me, the life I've lived and the choices I've made along the way. I know there are times you would have shook your head and wondered what had gotten into me and times when you'd have just been there when I needed you, at least, I hope so. And so today is my day to think of you and to remember you, I still do you know. I may have only been 12 when we lost you but I have some good memories to keep.

Remember the french cricket games you used to organise for all us kids? the picnics that we'd go on most weekends through the summer? The best memory I have from them was the day when George chased that squirrel round and round the tree because every time he went one way, so did that squirrel, I don't think he ever did see it did he? I wonder sometimes if he thought we were making it up!lol

I wonder what you'd make of the technology today, you always did love the new gadgets and things coming out didn't you, in those days it was Vic20's and VCR's, I wonder how you'd react to 3D TV and all the consoles that we have, actually, I guess I know, you'd be like me and want them all to play with and wonder how they work, you're where I got my gadget love from and Dave shares that love with me.

I know you'd like Dave had you met him, just as I know you would have hated all the other choices I've made in my private life and you would have been right about them all but hopefully this time you'd see I have a very good man, one who loves and protects me just as I love and encourage him.

I'm happy now Dad, I can still feel sad that you're not here with us anymore but life's been good to me the last few years and I'm settled with a great man, some good friends and a bright future to work towards. I really do hope that wherever you are, you're proud of the woman I've become and am still becoming.

I Love you Dad xxxx

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  1. Brought a tear to my eye xxxxxxxxxx