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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Books Books Books Books! :-D

Time for another diet update, I've just passed the 2 stone weight loss mark, I'm so impressed with Slimfast right now. I know I'm losing it very slowly (average 1 lb a week) but that's the right way to do it and I'm seeing vast improvements in my fitness and flexibility which will help me to exercise more and keep it off and get rid of more as time goes on.
I have an agreement with Dave that for each stone I lose I can order some more books from Amazon and this time I added to it with a voucher I won and ordered 6 that I've been wanting a while, just checking with them and the books are in Bristol right now, hopefully I'll get them tomorrow

I was going to write a review this week but I find it really hard to write a review on a product I really didn't like, especially when I know others do like them, it makes me think there is something wrong with my taste buds!lol All I will say is that I'm sticking to my slimfast, it's working and doesn't taste like unflavoured sawdust like a certain other companies diet bars do.....

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