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Saturday, 2 February 2013

I will be back .... again!

I had such a promising start to the year with this blog didn't I? And I really did mean to keep it going but sometimes life gets in the way sadly. I know some of you know what is going on with me but I wanted to explain here as well incase anyone had missed it and thought I'd just given up on my blogging challenge to myself this year (I haven't by the way, it's just on hold temporarily)

A week or so into December last year I had quite a bad bout of gall stone pain which was quickly followed by what we suspected to be norovirus (vomiting & diarrhoea for a couple of days) and then I had more stomach cramps again which seemed to be something some people suffered from after having that horrible virus. All over Christmas most times I ate I would get crippling pains but I managed to cope and we had a good if quiet time together while Dave was off work.

A couple of weeks ago the pain got really severe one night and Dave took me over to A&E, they kept me in overnight while they ran some tests but there wasn't time to do the ultrasound scan as I was getting really stressed and my blood pressure was getting far too high. They sent me home and last week I went in again and had the scan done. The operator told me what she'd found and after a bit of googling I discovered that it would probably mean me having to have an operation which has been confirmed by my consultant this week. I really need to have my gallbladder removed now and one of my stones has escaped it and become stuck in my bile duct and that is what is causing me so many problems right now.

So thats where things stand right now, I'm waiting to have a scope go down my throat to pick out that escaping stone (about 2 weeks he said) and also to have my gall bladder removed via keyhole surgery (about a month on this one) both of which will be new things for me so they do kind of fit in with my plan for this year but not exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for really.

Anyway, on the bright side, I have my interview arranged for getting my first passport (another first here you see) and I know, no matter how stressful being in hospital might be for me it will be worth it as I'm getting rid of the part of me that has caused me so much pain on and off for virtually my whole adult life (I've also heard that it can help with weight loss having it out so there's another positive too!lol)

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