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Sunday, 13 January 2013

My First: White Chocolate Lion Bar!

Last year my friend Kym (yes this one is all your fault!lol) told me about white chocolate lion bars, I'd never heard of them before but was instantly curious. I used to love normal lion bars but for the past few years Nestle milk chocolate has given me terrible heartburn so I have avoided it. Their white chocolate however has not presented me with any problems which made me even more keen to try these out. After hunting for them I managed to find someone selling them on Amazon and added them to my Christmas wish list for Dave to select my gifts from. Luckily for me he chose to buy them but sadly they didn't get delivered in time, in fact they were only finally delivered to us this week!

Because of my health this week I've only tried a small piece of one, Dave has done some more rigorous testing though and given them a thorough thumbs up!lol

The piece I did try was really good, very very sweet however so don't try these unless you have a real sweet tooth, they will be too much for you! They start off being sweet and crispy and after a little chew they go creamy and soft, possibly a little too sweet for me but I'm sure I wont mind having a couple every so often while the ones I have last!

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