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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1st First on the 1st!

Well, I've already done something that I've never done before, I've set myself a list of things I'd like to win and written them down here!

Each year there seems to be one challenge or another and I join in to some which appeal to me, fun ones I remember were winning the Alphabet and win a prize a day, both were quite difficult to complete and so last year I set an easy one (to win less tat) and I succeeded with that too!

I've never really gone for the win a wishlist ones before though as I really don't want to appear to be greedy especially with the things I've won over the years I've been comping already so I took some time and really thought about what I would like to win. Yes, some things are for other people but I always try to help my friends and our family out with the things I win anyway. And Yes, I have been deliberately vague with them as well, mostly this is because I've won so much recently, I'm not really sure what I want exactly right now.


I did have an all time wishlist but the last 2 years have wiped that out (well, except for the lawn mower but that's not for this house anyway) with winning a BBQ, Xbox, iPad and just last month a 3D TV but I'd just had that list in my head and heart. So now I've let my wishlist out into the world, I wonder what will come from it, I'll certainly be letting everyone know what does/doesn't :-D

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