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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Games, games, games, games!

I often describe myself as a girlie gamer but I don't think I've ever posted on any of my blogs about the kind of games I like playing, OK you all know I'm a Poke-maniac but there are just so many different game styles I love playing, I thought I'd do a post about those I love most right now over the different consoles & PC that we have :-)

Right now I'm going through a building phase with my PC gaming, I'm enjoying the whole Build-a-lot series as well as the My Kingdom for the Princess and I've just discovered Pioneer Lands which feels very similar right now. Each has a level where you have to build of collect certain items before the timer runs out, they give you a really decent amount of time to complete them too but I'm obsessed with getting through the levels on Gold which means as quickly as possible and I'm not doing too badly so far!lol Another one I'm playing a lot is Magic Farm, you're on a mission to find and rescue your parents and to get through each stage to get closer to finding them you have to grow and sell plants from a variety of farms as you progress through the land. Yes all these games can tend to be a bit repetitive but the fun in them is in raising your game play and setting your own challenges alongside those you are set in the games.

I mostly seem to be playing casino type games on here at the moment, slots and bingo win out most days. I did enjoy the quest based ones like Frontierville for a while but then I completed all the quests and left it for a bit, by the time I went back I had loads and others were so far ahead it was difficult to gain the supplies I needed to get anything done so I gave up on it totally, it's a shame as it is a fun game, I just wish there was a PC/console version *hint hint*

DS (Lite/XL)

As well as Pokemon Black and White I find myself playing a lot of puzzle games right now. I love the Professor Layton ones and I keep going back to the Bomberman ones as well as I just love the mini games and enjoy the challenges they set. I also enjoy the Zelda games but tend to get bored with them after a week or so, leave them alone for a while then by the time I go back to them I cant remember what I was doing so have to start again (I think I should really keep a diary for this sort of game shouldn't I?lol) And I'm loving the MySims series of games as well, it's the building up theme I've got going again!

Well, right now I seem to be playing Animal Crossing loads as well as the My Sims games on here as well as some of the games are very different to the DS versions, better in some ways, worse in others but it keeps me playing them!I love Mario Karts, I've always loved this fun type of racing ever since I first played CTR (Crash Team Racing) I love the fun elements of throwing things at the other drivers especially when you play against someone who normally only plays serious driving games (I think Dave now knows why I say Brakes are for wimps on his Driving games!lol)

XBox 360

On this, it's all about the music for me, I love all the music games I have, I'm getting better at the drums as I go, I'm even quite good on the guitar now, I'm not getting the mic out of it's bag tho, no-one should have my singing voice inflicted on them, even if it is only a game ;-) My favourite right now of the ones I have is Lego Rock band, it's just so much fun with the graphics and I know most of the songs as well, and those I didn't before I started ..... I do now!


Most of the time now I'm playing Sports Champions. This game involves the Play controllers and is loads of fun, I can nearly serve at table tennis but I'm getting really good at Archery and I love the gladiator battles although they can be very tiring and normally one is enough - good exercise though!


Yes, we do have one of these somewhere but I HATE the bloody thing, it takes ages to load up a bit of a game, you play that little bit then it starts chuntering again for ages as it loads up a bit more, I played with it once ..... never again!

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