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Monday, 15 August 2011

Blistex - Raspberry Lemonade Blast

A little over a week ago I was made aware that the Blistex UK Facebook page were offering samples out to their followers. I quickly made my way over to their page and applied for one as I know just how good their products are being a user of their daily lip conditioner already.

This morning my postman brought my freebie and I just had to try it out right away.
It's not until you remove the cap that you notice the aroma and it lives up to it's name, it smells just like raspberries and lemonade (not the mass produced stuff that probably hasn't ever seen a lemon but the real lemonade that has that tongue tingling sensation to it, like cloudy lemonade!)

It glides on well and doesn't feel at all thick/heavy/greasy like some lip balm sticks can, in fact, I can hardly feel it on but I can taste it and yet again it lives up to it's name in full, a berry flavour with a citrussy edge to it, it's very pleasant almost like raspberry sherbet and I'm enjoying licking my lips very much today.

Actually that could be a down side, my lip problems stem from me licking/sucking on my lips and making them dry, adding this could make me worse as it tastes so good. Never mind, I'll just add more each time I've licked it off!lol

So I wrote this review out this afternoon and I just wanted to add that this lip balm is actually very long wearing. I last applied it about 4 hours ago, in that time I've been kissed (Dave came home!lol) had a few cups of coffee and eaten dinner and yet I can still taste it on my lips and they feel soft and smooth. This will be getting re-purchased especially with winter round the corner ..... well, with the summer we've had it cant be far off!

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