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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Chewits Xtreme!

I was sent these sweets this week from the Chewits Xtreme Facebook page as I won a competition with them. I actually won a copy of Dirt3 for the PS3 and they very nicely sent a pack of each sweet along with it. I know many of my friends have an interest in sweets and so I thought I would review these and let you know what Dave and I thought of them.

Each stick has 6 sweets in it and for those of us on diets and those watching what you eat, here is the information on the pack, where numbers are missing, they were not available

Nutritional Information
Per 100g
Per Pack (%GDA)
Energy KJ
Energy Kcal
380125 - (6.3%)
48g  16g - (18%)
3.0g 1.0g - (1.4%)
1.9g0.6g - (3.0%)
0.1g  NIL - (0%)

So I'm guessing now you'd like to know more about the sweets themselves? (I took the photo's with a 2p in them to show the size of the sweets as they are different to normal Chewits, at least they were last time I had them!)

Sour Apple

When you take a sweet from the wrapper there is very little scent, after pulling on it I found there was a very delicate appley smell that developed which was good. I found them to be very soft and squidgey and this did translate over to when chewing them, they have a lovely chewy texture, very smooth.

But the flavour? Oh WOW they live up to their name, when it first hit my tongue I was assaulted by waves of citric acid which made my eye's water with how sour the sweet tasted. There is very little apple flavour but what there is is reminiscent of a granny smith. 

Sour Tutti Fruiti

When I unwrapped this one I could not find any smell on it, no matter how much I warmed it and it was also a bit harder texturally than the apple one. That being said, the hit from it when it hit your tongue was exactly the same cheek pulling sourness. After the initial hit I detected quite an unpleasant (to me) flavour in the sweet, I asked Dave what he tasted and he said "Rhubarb" which explained everything as I cannot stand the stuff but this sweet has a good amount of flavouring in it so it's easy to taste around the vast quantities of citric acid.

This warning comes alongside the sweets and I would have to agree, they really do live up to the advertising as being incredibly sour and if that's not for you then I would advise not to try these at all (but do make sure to dare others to have them who haven't read up about them!lol)

In conclusion, I have to say both Dave and I enjoyed the Sour Apple ones very much, they were by far our favourite version and we would continue to purchase these. The Tutti Fruiti ones are very good as well and I would say to those who love sour sweets to try both and see which you like :-)

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