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Friday, 17 August 2012

Walkers Deep Ridged Crisps

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Sam at Walkers Crisps Twitter asked me if I'd like to try out their new crisps and tell all of you about them. Well, I wasn't going to turn him down now was I?lol

On Monday a box appeared in my doorway, I eagerly opened it and I was amazed at the size of the bags! They're quite a bit bigger than the ones I'm used to (these weigh 50g) they're more like the grab bags you get in the services. They come in 4 flavours (Flame grilled steak, Salt & malt vinegar, Mature cheddar & onion and Ready salted) and the packaging makes them look a bit special too don't you think?
These 3 flavours are the only ones available in the 50g bag but all 4 can be found in 28g and 100g sizes.

And on to the testing, well, the flavours are exactly how you would expect them to be, the Flame grilled steak is nice and meaty, the Mature cheddar & onion is very cheesy and the Salt & malt vinegar (I'm told as Dave tried these ones) is strong and tasty. All of them do have very powerful flavourings, the ridges do seem to collect a lot more flavouring than other designs of crisps but it never becomes overpowering. One good thing about them as well is that they are very filling, with some smaller packs you don't feel like you've eaten much, if anything due to the lack of contents in the bag. Well, I'm happy to say these have a really good amount of crisps in the packet, here, see for yourself
Believe me, these aren't small crisps either and they crunch really nicely, they don't turn to potato-ey mush within a couple of chews so they really are nice to munch on ...... although maybe don't take them to the cinema, you will get some dirty looks from the rustling and crunching as you eat them!lol

I guess there is one more thing I really need to put on here and that's the nutritional information as supplied on the packs:

Flame Grilled Steak Salt & Malt Vinegar Mature Cheddar & Onion
Calories 258 (13%) 256 (13%) 260 (13%)
Sugar 2.2g (2%) 0.9g (1%) 1.0g (1%)
Fat 15.0g (21%) 15.3g (22%) 15.4g (22%)
Saturates 1.3g (6%) 1.2g (6%) 1.3g (7%)
Salt 0.78g (13%) 0.91g (15%) 0.81g (14%)

Ready salted (taken from the website rather than a packet) and these figures are for a 28g bag where those above are for a 50g bag
Ready Salted
Calories 148 (7%)
Sugar 0.1 (1%)
Fat 9.0 (13%)
Saturates 0.7 (4%)
Salt 0.35 (6%)

I know some of these figures look wrong but they are what is written on each packet, I'm assuming 1.3g of saturates is borderline between 6% and 7%!lol

Also some of the figures are high but these are not supposed to be eaten with every meal but rather as part of a whole balanced diet and as such they are a very delicious and filling snack that we will enjoy occasionally.

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