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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Easy Home Bake - Oaty Cookie Dough

As I'm a BzzAgent I sometimes get products to test and on this occasion it is a very yummy one!

I joined up to a campaign to test the new Tesco Easy Home Bake range. I was sent some vouchers to gain some free products and more to share around. I exchanged one of my vouchers for the Oaty Cookie Dough and have just made and tasted them.

Calling the range 'Easy home Bake' doesn't even come close, all I had to do was warm the dough in my microwave for 30 secs and then spoon out 12 balls, place in the oven and wait for them to cook. Totally simple and I think anyone could cope with this to achieve results which look and smell like completely homemade. The real beauty of these for me was that the cook can decide which style of cookies to bake, I love those big chewy bakery style ones so I made mine like that but if you prefer smaller, crispy ones then you can make those instead, you could even press in fruit or chocolate to make different flavours and personalise them more. This is how mine came out:
As you can see I ended up with a variety of sizes, mostly because I was stingy with how much I used for each of the first 6 I made but there is a generous quantity of dough included so you can make them larger which is what I did with the second tray of 6.

The taste is slightly sweet for me but Dave enjoyed them and I have to say there was not much of an oaty taste to them, more a gentle hint but they are very nice. Mine came out of the oven and cooled just how I liked them in 12 mins, that is crisp round the edge with a chewy centre.

Over all I have to say I am impressed with these and am looking forward to trying more of the range.

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