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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Now and to come!

Well, as expected I put on a little over my Birthday and Easter but not much and my fitness is getting better and better all the time. My skirt size has gone down again which I'm really happy about especially as we have an event to go to this weekend and I hope that I might give some people a surprise, well, maybe anyway. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes wearing the right sizes compared to my old comfy (very baggy) clothes, still there's a long way to go before I'll be clothes shopping, I have a good stock that I didn't ditch as I put on the weight, they'll do till I'm happy with myself

As for other highlights coming up, I've got a few review products I'm waiting for which is good. Some cleaning products which are always good to try out, these ones are 'green' so I'll be interested to see how they compare to my usual chemicals!lol Also there's some baking goodies (I know, I know diet but a little is OK to have!) not just cakes but also different types of breads as well. I've a couple of books, one is here but since I've just started a new one, it'll have to wait a couple of days till it gets started!lol and the last one I know of right now is (look away gents!lol) some sanitary products which are always handy, it'll be interesting to see what they send as a selection to sample ..... and if there are any gimmicks with it, I remember one a few years ago that came with test tubes, it would have been a good idea except the items in question lengthened instead of widening!lol

Anyway, that's my quick update for now, more to come soon from me now I have things lined up to tell you all about

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