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Monday, 19 March 2012

Confessing and a new start

It's obviously been a very long time since I last posted on here and even longer since I have done any sort of update on whats happening with my weight loss and so I think it's about time I came clean, confessed and started keeping this blog again as it DID help me and I found it fun to do.

And so to my confession, I got bored of the diet food, started trying to add different things into my diet, stopped weighing the food I was eating as my meal of the day and found excuses for everything I could to myself and those around me that were trying to support me. Luckily I snapped out of it this year and have started again but I will say, I don't regret that cheesecake we shared over Christmas ..... it WAS worth it!lol
Anyway, I didn't put on that much, only half a stone which over all these months isn't really that bad (especially as that included Christmas!) and I'm really pleased to say that I've managed to lose it and another bit on top as well and so I've now lost a total of 48.4lbs YAY!

The biggest thing I found to help me with this is to use a smaller plate. I now have most of my meals on a sandwich plate, it really does make it so much easier to have control over your portion of food when you don't have much plate to put it on! Also, eating slower, chewing smaller mouthfulls of food properly before swallowing and increasing the volume of water that I drink has helped as well. I know these are all basic steps that we are all encouraged to take when we start dieting and like most people I couldn't see what difference it would make but it does, it really does!

Finally, the most amazing change has happened in my fitness. I started back on the treadmill in January, slowly at first and gradually increasing the amount I do, I now do 2 miles most days and I feel so much better for it, my shape has changed a lot and my skirt size has reduced by another 3 sizes which I'm absolutely over the moon about, top size is only down by 2 but it's all headed in the right direction and WILL continue to now!
Mexican Wave

And so onto my new start, well as I said above I'm exercising a lot more than I was now and I am still kind of on the Slimfast plan, when the weather is cold though I switch out the lunchtime shake and have a bowl of soup instead, it's comparable on the number of calories but very warming and filling so for me this works well, only time will tell though I guess but I know it'll keep going as it has the last couple of weeks, I'm determined it will! I do expect a blip next week ...... I have a night out coming up which I fully intend to enjoy as I know it's only 1 night and I can lose the weight (if any) I gain from it over the new few days by being good again!


  1. Well done on your fantastic weight loss! I love the sandwich plate idea, I'll definitely be trying that :) I know how difficult it is to stick to a diet and exercise plan and I think it's great that you didn't let a little slip stop you from continuing.

  2. Yay for making progress on both your weight loss and your fitness :)