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Monday, 4 April 2011

White envelopes we like!

What a way to start the weekend that was! When I collected the post Saturday morning I saw this

Now we all know instinctively what this means and I was so excited opening it and after flipping the envelope open I could see the top of what was unmistakeably a cheque poking out of it. Reading the accompanying letter I discovered the £100 was for winning a su-doku prize from one of their weekly issues :-) So that's a little bit more to add to the house fund, not much I know but it all helps :-)

The diet's still going well, I've lost another lb this week so I'm back on track again after my birthday. We're seeing a lot of family and friends at the end of this month that we haven't seen for a good few months and I have to say I'm a little nervous about it! They all know we're dieting so I'm wondering if they'll notice the loss and if they say they have ....... will they just be saying it as it's what you say when you know someones on a diet! Oh the joys of being paranoid!lol

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