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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My First: Burned iron :-(

I'm the sort of person who actually enjoys ironing, I find it relaxing (I know many of you don't and no, I wont do yours for you, I have enough of my own to do thanks!lol) but today I had a major problem with my ironing. Part of the way through ironing a delicate shirt I must have nudged the heat dial higher as when I checked after, it was set a lot higher than I had when I started so yep, it melted it and I ended up with a yukky black smudge across the plate and a huge hole in the shirt (kinda lucky it was one of Dave's really, he has loads!lol)

After doing some googling I found some products I could get to help (my iron has a non stick plate so I cant use the wire wool option!lol) but someone suggested while the iron was still hot, apply a damp very cold sponge carefully to the smudge suggesting that it would peel off. I figured it would have to be worth a go, it couldn't make things worse anyway so I turned the iron back on to heat the plate back up, ran a sponge under the cold tap till it was nice and cold and tried it. I couldn't see any difference to be honest so I turned it off again and gave up.

A while later I went up to put the iron away and thought the smudge looked a bit different so I nudged it with the tip of my finger and sure enough it moved! I carefully peeled it back and almost all of it peeled off in one piece! I simply used a rough towel and buffed the plate to remove the remaining particles and YAY my iron's back to normal again. I just had to share my mishap incase it happens to any of you too since the solution to it is so easy (and free!)

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